While tracing out these controllers, made me think back of the days, when playing video games, was more like a family activity. Nowdays because of mobile, playing games is only for one. Even console have more games catered for one.

10, 20 years ago, games with bad graphics can bring family members to play together. But as time passes, the games has better graphics but missing family.

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Dirty Road

Dirty road related to deadly road

Dirty road

Road accident statistic rarely drops along the years in my country, Malaysia. Reckless drivers and riders just keeps popping up everywhere. Though there are occasionally freak accidents that are unavoidable, but I believe majority are still due to human error or carelessness.

But one thing very common that happens around gossip mongers, are when accidents happen very often in a same location. Uncles and aunties at coffee shops reading the news on papers and their mobile phones, starts to talk. One thing leads to another, they will come up with the story that a ghost lingers around that specific road with high statistic of accidents. The story probably start with “My daughter’s colleague’s son’s classmates’ tuition teacher saw some ghostly figure after an accident happened at that road”

That is the common conclusion that people love to speculate and it is never human error. It is always the ghost what steps on our car accelerators down the road beyond the speed limit. It is the ghost that held our steering wheels to swirl in and out of traffic like a mad person. It is always the ghost that is forcing a biker to speed through traffic without thinking of the consequences. Yes, it is the ghost’s fault. The ghost made drivers drink too much before driving home at night.

We just love to blame it on the spirit, but not the alcohol – TauEw

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Go away! Not your time yet!


Motorcyclists in Malaysia has the tendacy to speed everytime they are on the road. Even when they are riding within housing areas with narrow roads. So, everytime I see them swirling in and out of traffic, such scenario pops up in my head.
So, no matter how late you are, or if you are an adrenaline junkie, do not bring your speed demon with you on the street. There are a lot of other people out there who uses the road to get to places, to work, to visit people. Not the feel like F1 drivers or super bike racers.

True Meaning of Chinese New Year


Let us be honest. As a child, Chinese New Year is all about the red packets. The gathering with family members and fire crackers, are just secondary. The main reason as a child should be happy about Chinese New Year, is collecting “ang pow” (red packets).

As a child, our goals are clear and short term as well. My brothers and I, we accumulate our “ang pows” and see how much each of us can fork up to buy a game console or game cartridges. We will still keep some balance in the bank for savings. But for my case, I have more than just game console to look forward to. I was probably targeting some comics from the local comic books shop which already closed down when I went into secondary school. Sigh. No more collectibles cards with drawings of superheroes and super villains.

Life was simple back then. Just save money to buy things you love and no need to worry how to find the money to pay the next home and car loan. I wish I was a kid again, with Chinese New Year just around the corner.

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Valenpool’s Day


Valentine’s Day Pool
With the special day around the corner, we have been looking at movie trailers a million times, laughing at his jokes many times, the movie will arrive on this special day.

Deadpool will reach our cinema on Valentine’s Day weekend, together with Chinese New Year as well. After all, Deadpool has a wife still, and she is in GOTHAM’s Gordon’s girl friend.

Yellow Means Faster


The common behaviour of Malaysian riders and drivers, is driving faster when they see yellow light. It is an irritating situation, when drivers wish to change lane by turning on the indicator light, but only to be brushed aside by the vehicle behind us even though they are way behind us and should have just let us pass.  The one that can cause bad accidents, is driving faster when we the green of traffic lights turn yellow. This will lead to vehicles picking up speed to beat the red light. Then there are ridiculous drivers or riders on the other lane, wanting to move before their green light is ON. So, no matter what, it is always better late than sorry.