About TauEw

TauEw means soy sauce in Hokkien, which is a local dialect in Penang, Malaysia, my lovely hometown. The reason I chose this name, was to portray that I want to add a little local flavours to the designs I create. Oh by the way, I was a graphic and web design for 12 years, and worked in an same online design service provider company for 11 years.

Only in 2014, I was “opted” to leave the company, and venture into a few things. Basically, I am still providing design services, such as graphic and web. On top of that, I have my own line of graphic tees here TauEw Online Shop courtesy of Bajuprint. The artworks on those Gildan Premium Cotton t-shirts are original fan arts and other original characters and designs. Besides online shops, I will sell the t-shirts at art events or flea markets around Penang Island and sometimes, at Kuala Lumpur.

Besides freelance projects and my own line of graphic tees, I am working on a 160-page comic book to be sold within Malaysia. A publishing company from Kuala Lumpur has already contacted me and hopefully the book will be ready by end of 2016.

So, in the meantime,  enjoy the comics in this blog while there will be more in the book in the near future.


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