Graphic Artist

There are times, which I do not know how to label myself, based on the type of #work that I generate or #draw. If one were to check out those very detailed illustration, mine is nothing like them, especially those of #darkhorsecomics cover. I am always admire those covers, such as ALIEN, PREDATOR and TERMINATOR comics. But then I will be turned off by the content comic stripes, that is nothing like the cover. Below slideshow is what my usual process of sketching and digital colouring. So I feel I am not entirely an artist artist. But also not a very talented digital artist. I just to create something fast and cannot wait to see the end result and share in the internet. Once I am done with this drawings, I will share with DZN Tees to see on t-shirts. The printing method of the t-shirts of DZN Tees is called DTG (Digital Printing Garment).

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