Long time ago, the word going “clubbing” meant going to clubs where there are age limits of only 21 and above. Nowadays, we see young ones of all ages at clubs drinking champagnes or popping up firecrackers MOETs.

Anyway, that is not the case in this artwork here. I wonder if any of you guys experienced this before, but I know I have. When we were still studying in colleges, which was still below 21, we love to go drinking at clubs. And most of us look like above 21 because of our height, facial hair, eye bags or face that looks like 25.

But there will be one or two of us who look like their actual ages. Fair smooth skins, thin and small sized. That is when they are halted by the bouncer and we had to change location. Those were the days, when we all try to sneak in without getting our identity cards checked. But we all had our fun time and no matter where we were, as long as there is alcohol, we still have a good time.


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