Sampah Masyarakat


Title: Sampah Masyarakat
We are always reminded by organisations to live harmoniously and treat the different ethnics like brothers. We see and get involved in all sorts of campaigns to encourage “muhibah”ness but we still do not see any good result or even respond.

But “muhibah” already exist in one type of place and it has been around for quite some time. Right under our nose, there is unity among different ethnics and a very strong one.

You can see different ethnic living in harmony under one roof, or should I say, under one cafe. Cyber cafes.

That is the place where you can witness harmonious living among different ethnics. They even wear the same clothes(school uniform) when they hang out there. They do things together like smoke cigarette and vape together. They sometimes even litter and spit together around the cafe. So much togetherness I see in them every time I walk by and envious of how they are so unified and whistle at girls who walked by them. And most importantly, they treat the cafes as their first home. They even skip school together, because they have so much to learn from the internet than lame teachers.

How I wish most of us can learn from them and live together with no conflict.

** I myself used to hangout at cyber cafes, but I never had the chance to do things together with different ethnics because we go home after we finish playing or hanging out. How silly of me to miss out on such great unity.

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