Dirty Road

Dirty road related to deadly road

Dirty road

Road accident statistic rarely drops along the years in my country, Malaysia. Reckless drivers and riders just keeps popping up everywhere. Though there are occasionally freak accidents that are unavoidable, but I believe majority are still due to human error or carelessness.

But one thing very common that happens around gossip mongers, are when accidents happen very often in a same location. Uncles and aunties at coffee shops reading the news on papers and their mobile phones, starts to talk. One thing leads to another, they will come up with the story that a ghost lingers around that specific road with high statistic of accidents. The story probably start with “My daughter’s colleague’s son’s classmates’ tuition teacher saw some ghostly figure after an accident happened at that road”

That is the common conclusion that people love to speculate and it is never human error. It is always the ghost what steps on our car accelerators down the road beyond the speed limit. It is the ghost that held our steering wheels to swirl in and out of traffic like a mad person. It is always the ghost that is forcing a biker to speed through traffic without thinking of the consequences. Yes, it is the ghost’s fault. The ghost made drivers drink too much before driving home at night.

We just love to blame it on the spirit, but not the alcohol – TauEw

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