True Meaning of Chinese New Year


Let us be honest. As a child, Chinese New Year is all about the red packets. The gathering with family members and fire crackers, are just secondary. The main reason as a child should be happy about Chinese New Year, is collecting “ang pow” (red packets).

As a child, our goals are clear and short term as well. My brothers and I, we accumulate our “ang pows” and see how much each of us can fork up to buy a game console or game cartridges. We will still keep some balance in the bank for savings. But for my case, I have more than just game console to look forward to. I was probably targeting some comics from the local comic books shop which already closed down when I went into secondary school. Sigh. No more collectibles cards with drawings of superheroes and super villains.

Life was simple back then. Just save money to buy things you love and no need to worry how to find the money to pay the next home and car loan. I wish I was a kid again, with Chinese New Year just around the corner.

#tauew #penang #sketch #chinesenewyear #drawings #redpackets #angpow


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