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There are times, which I do not know how to label myself, based on the type of #work that I generate or #draw. If one were to check out those very detailed illustration, mine is nothing like them, especially those of #darkhorsecomics cover. I am always admire those covers, such as ALIEN, PREDATOR and TERMINATOR comics. But then I will be turned off by the content comic stripes, that is nothing like the cover. Below slideshow is what my usual process of sketching and digital colouring. So I feel I am not entirely an artist artist. But also not a very talented digital artist. I just to create something fast and cannot wait to see the end result and share in the internet. Once I am done with this drawings, I will share with DZN Tees to see on t-shirts. The printing method of the t-shirts of DZN Tees is called DTG (Digital Printing Garment).

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The Secret Recipe


The 9th Emperor celebration has recently ended. During that celebration, for 9 days, one will see many temporary food stalls set up to cater for vegetarians. Some people actually use up their annual leaves to earn some extra income through this particular period. Some may think that they are just taking advantage of the #followers, but I bet the food they serve is actually very #delicious. I stumbled upon one, and I think I have discovered the secret recipe to their wonderful #economy #vegetarian #rice. The #recipe is explained in this drawing.

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I am sorry

Have you ever in a situation when doing your “business” in a public toilet and someone else is outside the cubicle waiting to use. And you are having the smelliest crap of the week coming out from your rear. I would feel sorry for the next person going in there. This happens only when I have not drank enough water and eating less vegetables. Normally the shape of the crap is small and roundish cubes, and hard. Making it painful to come out from your back door. Yup, that’s the smelliest one.

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Babies and Bacons


I do not believe that one baby is cuter than another. I always feel all babies are cute, even when there are flaws. So every time I hear people say one baby is cuter than the other, my mind would think, does one bacon taste better than the next one? Hell no! All bacons are good!

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Long time ago, the word going “clubbing” meant going to clubs where there are age limits of only 21 and above. Nowadays, we see young ones of all ages at clubs drinking champagnes or popping up firecrackers MOETs.

Anyway, that is not the case in this artwork here. I wonder if any of you guys experienced this before, but I know I have. When we were still studying in colleges, which was still below 21, we love to go drinking at clubs. And most of us look like above 21 because of our height, facial hair, eye bags or face that looks like 25.

But there will be one or two of us who look like their actual ages. Fair smooth skins, thin and small sized. That is when they are halted by the bouncer and we had to change location. Those were the days, when we all try to sneak in without getting our identity cards checked. But we all had our fun time and no matter where we were, as long as there is alcohol, we still have a good time.


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Sampah Masyarakat


Title: Sampah Masyarakat
We are always reminded by organisations to live harmoniously and treat the different ethnics like brothers. We see and get involved in all sorts of campaigns to encourage “muhibah”ness but we still do not see any good result or even respond.

But “muhibah” already exist in one type of place and it has been around for quite some time. Right under our nose, there is unity among different ethnics and a very strong one.

You can see different ethnic living in harmony under one roof, or should I say, under one cafe. Cyber cafes.

That is the place where you can witness harmonious living among different ethnics. They even wear the same clothes(school uniform) when they hang out there. They do things together like smoke cigarette and vape together. They sometimes even litter and spit together around the cafe. So much togetherness I see in them every time I walk by and envious of how they are so unified and whistle at girls who walked by them. And most importantly, they treat the cafes as their first home. They even skip school together, because they have so much to learn from the internet than lame teachers.

How I wish most of us can learn from them and live together with no conflict.

** I myself used to hangout at cyber cafes, but I never had the chance to do things together with different ethnics because we go home after we finish playing or hanging out. How silly of me to miss out on such great unity.

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